A very easy way to improve your life quality, get rid of stress, experience truly deep meditation, expand your brain power and consciousness. 

Launched july 12th 2016.

Full-blown, top quality brainwave meditation program - Completely free!

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BrainAscend is a completely free meditation program featuring 5 deepening levels, meaning 5 free MP3 tracks using brainwave entrainment technology, created by Marcus Knudsen, inventor of BlissCoded sound. It uses the scientifically proven most effective brainwave entrainment technology in a special process that steadily expands your brain power and consciousness level.

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  • All the benefits you expect from the best meditation programs, but completely free.
  • Uses the most effective brainwave entrainment technologies
  • Instant download - No fees
  • Greatly increased happiness and inner peace
  • Synchronizes your brain hemispheres
  • Steadily increases your brain power & function
  • Lets you experience the deepest levels of meditation with the push of a button
  • Did I mention it's completely free?


I am the creator of BrainAscend.
I have been creating all sorts of audio for meditation, relaxation, self programming, ultrasonic subliminal messages etc for half my life when releasing this website. Some may know me as the guy behind BlissCoded sound.  I have over 9 million views on my BlissCoded sound videos on youtube. It is incredibly popular and obviously something people really love. BrainAscend is my gift to you. Feel free to visit me over at www.blisscodedsound.com and discover an amazing sound technology I discovered/invented using the Golden ratio principle, which you can try for free.

Using BrainAscend

How to use BrainAscend

In all professionally produced meditation programs, you train your brain gradually. That is how you successfully develop. Just like training the body, you progress gradually. This is the key. In BrainAscend you start with level 1. Each track is 30 minutes.  Use it once per day for 30 or 60 minutes at a time (once or twice in a row. Use repeat/loop function in your player) or twice per day for 30 minutes at a time. You should use every level for at least 2-3 months before moving to the next. The exception is level 1 which is an introductory level which you can use for a week or so. After that time, if you can repeatedly remain fully aware on your current level without falling asleep (even if playing it twice in a row) you can move on to the next level. Until then you should continue on your current level. Listen with closed eyes, either sitting up or laying down.

The amazing results

The training process allows you to consciously access deeper levels of your brain and consciousness. Your whole brain power and function expands. You become intuitive, relaxed yet focused, creative, your thoughts become clearer and information processing improves more and more. The left and right brain hemisphere synchronizes and you'll start using the full power of your left (analitycal - logical - Intelligence) and right (creativity - imagination - visualisation) hemispheres together. To say that this helps in all imaginable areas of your life is an understatement. You'll also begin to discover deeper realities beyond the physical. You become happier, more relaxed and balanced.

Eventually you remain aware when your body is asleep and you can then have out of body experiences etc.  Your whole way to look at life will change in a very positive way.

The 5 audio tracks of BrainAscend

  • 1

    "Alpha 1". Upper to Mid Alpha

    Goes down to 10 hz. If you are new to brainwave entrainment it is perfect introduction and gets you comfortably relaxed and at ease.

  • 2

    "Alpha 2". Mid to lower Alpha

    Goes down to 8 hz. Very deep relaxation.

  • 3

    "Theta 1". Upper to mid Theta.

    Goes down to 6 hz. Deep meditation.

  • 4

    "Theta 2". Mid to lower Theta.

    Goes down to 4 hz. Super deep meditation.

  • 5

    "Delta" - Lower Theta to Delta

    Goes down to 2 hz. Sleep state. Mind awake, body asleep is the goal here. Out of body experiences, lucid dreaming etc.

You receive all of these 5 levels of BrainAscend for free.

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The BrainAscend audio technology

The brain produces electrical signals. These signals change depending on what we are doing and what mental state we are in. For instance when we sleep these signals are different from when we are awake. This brain activity can be measured with EEG. It will output in Hz (Hertz - cycles per second) these electrical signals. The most dominant brainwaves will tell us what sort of state a person is in. The slower vibration (lower Hz), the more relaxed that individual is. Using audio technology we get the brain to start following the beats or pulses in a sound if done exactly right.

With brainwave entrainment audio, the brain will "catch on" and follow (entrain to) the desired brainwave frequency. BrainAscend uses the binaural and isochronic type of entrainment together with amplitude modulation. Isochronic tones have been proven to be the most effective brainwave entrainment technology and does not require headphones.  Binaural beats are powerful when it comes to increasing synchronization of the brain hemispheres. You don't have to use headphones, though it is suggested. This is automatic meditation. Press play, close your eyes and BrainAscend does the rest!

In BrainAscend, each brainwave frequency is stimulated for several minutes before progressing deeper.  Much like a staircase type of progression, but with small and smooth steps. This is the most effetive way and also stimulates the release of "feel good" brain chemicals such as serotonin which makes you feel happy. This chart shows the range that each level covers as well as the whole program.

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