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  • BrainAscend deluxe version: "BrainAscend Plus".
  • Instantly forwarded to your own BrainAscend Plus download page.
  • Your own BrainAscend Plus download link in your email.
  • 57 minute bonus track: "Extended Meditation" for ultra deep meditation.

Complete meditation programs & systems like these are usually sold for hundreds of dollars. Please keep this in mind. Minimum contribution is set to $12 USD, but please consider what is a fair contribution for you personally.

BrainAscend is free and relies on support from its users. Please consider supporting.

What is BrainAscend Plus?

BrainAscend Plus is the supporter version of BrainAscend for all who financially support with a sum of their own choice. It has the highest MP3 quality there is (320 kbit/s) and it also includes an extra track named Extended Meditation.

The 'Extended Meditation' bonus

Extended Meditation  is a 57 minute track in the spirit of BrainAscend which goes through all the levels of BrainAscend progressively within the same track. The same high quality as BrainAscend Plus. Made for those ultra deep and longer meditation sessions.

Please note: You must use a Mac or PC to download. To move to your iPod/iPhone, use iTunes.