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More amazing tools for meditation and self improvement

Ultrasonic subliminals (s-quad, or SSSS)

Audio technology programming you on subconscious level while you sleep.

The technology transmits voice messages on close to ultrasonic frequencies that we can not consciously hear, directly into the subconscious mind, with no chance for the conscious mind to filter the information, making it powerful enough for subliminal control. This technology is now available for self improvement purposes with categories such as:  Self confidence, motivation, focus, stress relief, sleep and memory improvement. You can also get your very own custom subliminals to program yourself with anything you want. In 1996, Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds claimed that such technology had been used successfully even in military operations to make enemy troops lose morale and surrender. Now we use it for self improvement!

BlissCoded sound

Blisscoded sound is an invention, or rather a discovery of how to use the golden ratio principle to code sound, giving it properties that has a very strong calming effect on the mind. People use it for meditation, relaxation, sleep and just feeling great. On youtube, the first video I uploaded showcasing the sound has over 9 million views. That is for a reason.